Bronx has Huge Selection of Fitness Gyms!

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Hi my name is Joe and I have lived in the Bronx all of my life.  I have always been athlethic and love to work out since I was a preteen.  This website is just my journey in the Bronx and my experience with various gyms.  I hope you enjoyed the ride and feel free to send us a comment about your experiences also.


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Where are the Gyms

There are plenty of gyms in the Bronx to chose from.  I listed a couple below.  Most of the gyms below have very affordable rates.  Some are as low as $10 a month and should fit most budgets.

Planet fitness- There are at least 12 locations in the Bronx.  Some are actually open 24 hours all week.  Some are open 24 hours Sunday-Thursday and closed around 7pm on weekends.  You can get a $10 monthly membership that will allow you to use just 1 location or get the Black card for $20 a month that allows you to use any location anywhere.  I once use a location all the way in Virginia beach VA.  They are not all connected out of state so they just jointed down my membership number and let me in.

Star fitness- I have been to this gym once just to check out their membership.   From the online posts I have seen about this gym it looks like a real body builders gym.  They have a lot of the old classic equipment that you use to see in the old gyms.  Their membership is a little more expensive also.

Crunch gym- I have been to 2 Crunch gyms and loved it each time.   One location was in Brooklyn and the other was in the Bronx.  They offer a little more than the regular gym.  They have ropes and also boxing equipment to use that you don't see in a regular gym.  They also offer group fitness classes.  Their prices have also come down in recent times.  They now have $10 memberships.  There are 2 Crunch gyms in the Bronx.  One at the HUB at 149 st  and the other in Norwood section of the Bronx.

Power house- Never been there but it sounds like a body builders gym.  They are located on Bronxdale ave in the Bronx.  They also offer a trial free membership.

blink- I have been to 2 Blink Fitness gyms.  They seem to be smaller space wise than the Planet Fitness gyms.  Similar equipment and similar pricing.  Their memberships start at $15 for use of one gym.  Its your classic no frills get in and get out gym.

retro-3rd ave- Info coming soon

nysc-Info coming soon

Bronx YMCA- I recently visited the Y location in the Bronx on Castle hill ave near the water.  They offer lots of classes for the family and have a indoor and outdoor pool.  They have a fitness gym on the 2nd fl but it is kind of small.  It has all modern equipment but the space is small compared to the other big spacious gyms like planet fitness and Blink.  This is a great gym for the entire family.

24 hour fitness- This franchise gym usually offers lot of cardio and free weight equipment to chose from.  Some locations also have child care services.  There are currently 3 locations in the bronx.  There are 2 locations on Fordham rd and 1 in Riverdale.  The location in Coop City recently closed its doors for some reason.  I was a member at that location.  I liked the assortment of equipment though it wasn't always the cleanest and this location was not open 24 hours despite its name.

Parks and Recreation- They have many locations in each neighborhood.  I don't know the price of membership but I believe it is very affordable.  The last time I had a membership it was free for my kids and I think I paid like 20 but its been a while.  These rec centers are not open 24 hours but do offer many kinds of classes and some have swimming pools and lessons.